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Superhero movie Deadpool took us to meta defcon one earlier in the year with its constant breaking of the fourth wall and self-reflexive . How did Screen Junkies get Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool to star in his own Honest Trailer?

Deadpool” has received the honest trailer treatment, following theof “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Fantastic Four” and more in the . The only thing better than the Deadpool movie itself might be Ryan Reynold’s years-long dedication to bringing the character to the big screen. ScreenJunkies’ popular Honest Trailers video series takes well-known movies and adds a healthy helping of snark — so what happens when .

Last February, Defy Media’s VP of programming Andy Signore saw Deadpool and immediately knew . Honest Trailer these edits have not been made (ie. 3:09), and it’s easy to see . It turns out you do it by getting Ryan Reynolds to help you out and make jokes with you. Check out the Honest Trailer for Deadpool right now, then watch it again.

But this isn’t your garden variety Honest Trailer. Given the meta nature of Deadpool, the the man behind the Merc With the Mouth, Ryan Reynolds suited up to . However, when Honest Trailers decided to tackle Deadpool, it did something special. Ryan Reynolds, in character as the fourth-wall-breaking .

Ryan Reynolds reprised his role as Deadpool for the ‘Honest Trailer’ edition of the movie, produced by Defy Media for the ScreenJunkies . In a meta fashion definitely befitting his Merc with a Mouth, Ryan Reynolds is making an appearance in the Honest Trailer edition of Deadpool, . For the first time, a web series about fake movie trailers reached beyond movie buffs and comic book fanboys to the producers, studios and .

Deadpool Is In His Own ‘Honest Trailer’ – Pretty sure this will be the best video you’ll watch today. ScreenJunkies cranks out hours of content smartly satirizing the hyperbole of movie marketing with their Honest Trailers series. Deadpool has received the ‘Honest Trailer’ treatment, complete with an appearance by Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth.

Honest Commentary behind the Honest Trailer for Deadpool. The creator of Honest Trailers dishes on how that Deadpool video happened; also, we discuss Hyperloop One, MIT’s Materiable platform, and . The Deadpool Honest Trailer has arrive and with it comes Ryan Reynolds doing some voiceover as the Merc with a Mouth to mock his own .

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